About The Reptile Experience

Hi! My name is Mike Burpee, also known locally as "The Reptile Guy" , And I thank you for visiting my web site.

I have been fascinated with reptiles for as long as I can remember and have maintained them in captivity since I got my first Boa in 1966. Since then I have successfully raised literally hundreds of species. I currently maintain about 30 animals including specimens from 5 continents.

I have been presenting my reptiles to schools, scouts, libraries, etc. since 1972. In 1999 (during the throes of a mid-life crisis) I decided to put my career in real estate on the shelf and pursue what I truly love reptiles and sharing them with others. Although there have been times it looked like I would be moving into a tent, I have no regrets.

Please let me take this opportunity to thank my father, John Burpee, who started it all by racing with me through the woods of New Hampshire to capture a "blacksnake" and my mother, Phyllis Nelson, (see above) who still helps with the critters and some shows. They not only tolerated my fascination but encouraged me. For this I am eternally grateful.

For all details call Mike at 952-882-4668.

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